Christmas Dinner at Aunt Junie May's House

CONCEPT: PKU Diet, Meal Planning



Participants complete a worksheet that deals with food choices at a holiday dinner.



After completing this activity, participants will be able to:

  • identify inappropriate (high phe) foods
  • suggest alternatives to high phe foods
  • suggest appropriate ways to handle eating at other people's homes



Distribute a worksheet and Food List to each participant.

Explain the exercise:
Each year your family is invited to Christmas Dinner at Aunt Junie May's. She cooks for days and days because she enjoys the dinner. She is sometimes quite scatterbrained, however, and gets the PKU diet mixed up. What would you do in the situations listed on the sheet?

Participants complete the exercise individually.

Discuss the answers together. Explain that there are many different ways to handle situations and that no one way is right or wrong. However, things run "smoothly" when situations are thought out ahead of time and plans can be made.





Help your young adult work through potential problems by reviewing strategies for food choices before you go to holiday gatherings.

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