Primary School Curriculum

This section features the nutrition education curriculum developed by the Cristine M. Trahms Program for Phenylketonuria. Materials were developed for and tested by school-aged children (ages 6-12).

Each activity includes a list of objectives, lesson plan, and an activity or worksheet that can be reproduced. Information developed for parents and families of children is also included.

Most of the books used in the activities can be found at public libraries or book stores. Ordering information is provided for books that might be difficult to locate.

Please credit the Cristine M. Trahms Program for Phenylketonuria when making copies of activities.


Activities are organized by topic:

What is PKU?

Understanding You and PKU

Growing Up with PKU


PKU History

What is the PKU Diet?

Eating with PKU

Keeping a Food Record

Calculating Phe

Cooking for PKU

Away from Home

Food Choices

Special Occasions

General Health

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