CONCEPT: General Nutrition



Participants discuss the importance of calcium for the body and work through an activity to look at how much calcium they consume each day.



After completing this activity, participants will be able to:

  • list three reasons the body needs calcium
  • state the recommended calcium intake for a boy/girl their age
  • recognize sources of calcium--food and formula--in their diets
  • understand that they receive most of their calcium from their formula



Distribute the Calcium Fact Sheet to each participant. Lead a discussion about the facts listed, including:

  • why the body needs calcium
  • what happens to calcium in the body
  • recommended calcium intakes, based on age

Distribute the worksheet. Participants complete the worksheet independently. Provide assistance, as needed.

Discuss the answers to the worksheet, including:

  • Where does most of their calcium come from? (formula)
  • Is everybody getting the recommended amount of calcium?
  • What do most high calcium foods have in common (except formula)? (they are high in phe--such as milk, cheese, yogurt, etc.)




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