Cooking Terms Trivia

CONCEPT: General Nutrition



Participants play a trivia game to test their knowledge of cooking terminology.



After completing this activity, participants will be able to:

  • describe the definitions of several cooking terms



Write the list of cooking terms on the board (refer to the "Food Preparation Terms" handout). Ask the participants what each term means. Discuss the terms that are unfamiliar to the participants.

Give each participant a blank piece of paper. Explain that they are going to play a game called "Cooking Terms Trivia". As a description of each term is read, have the students write down the term it is describing.

Review the answers to each description. The participant with the most correct answers wins. (Leave the list on the board so they can refer to it during the game...or for a greater challenge, depending on the group, erase the terms on the board prior to the trivia game.)

Distribute the "Food Preparation Terms" handout and the crossword puzzle.




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