Discovery of PKU

CONCEPT: History of PKU



Participants read the story of the discovery of PKU and complete a worksheet discussing the information.



After completing this activity, participants will be able to:

  • list three things they learned about the discovery of PKU
  • provide at least one reason why newborn screening is so important
  • describe the consequences of undiagnosed PKU



Distribute The Discovery of PKU story and worksheet. Give the participants time to read through the story and complete the worksheet.

Discussion: Answer any questions the participants might have about the information. Discuss the questions on the worksheet.

  • Is there any additional information about PKU the participants would like to add/discuss?
  • Remind the participants how little was known about PKU just 40-60 years ago. Some older people with PKU may never have been on diet. At one point, some children may have gone off diet because we were still learning about PKU.
  • What happens if your blood phe levels are high?
  • Why is newborn screening so important?



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