How to Beat the "I Forgots"

CONCEPT: Independence Skills



Participants complete a worksheet dealing with strategies to remember important things.



After completing this activity, participants will be able to:

  • define "memory aid"
  • create a memory aid for a hypothetical task/situation
  • create a memory aid for a personal task



Discuss memory aids:

  • Who knows what a memory aid is? (memory aids make associations (links) between what you need to remember and what you are likely to remember)
  • What kinds of memory aids are there?
  • Examples?

Distribute the worksheet. Go through the first half together. Have participants complete the scenarios individually.

Discuss the answers to the first scenario:

  • What were common answers?
  • What were unusual/original answers?

Discuss the tasks chosen for the second question:

  • What types of tasks could be usefull in managing PKU?
  • How would you create memory aids for these situations?




Practice using these strategies at home to remember important tasks you need to do.

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