How Hardy are You?

CONCEPT: Taking Responsibility



Participants complete a self-evaulation of 'hardy' personality traits.



After completing this activity, participants will be able to:

  • define a 'hardy' personality trait
  • list three 'hardy' personality traits that would be beneficial to the management of PKU
  • identify one 'hardy' personality trait they could work to achieve this next year



Distribute the "How 'hardy' you are you?" handout.

Explain : "It is believed by some researchers that some people with 'hardy' personalities are better able to deal with the stresses and complexities of life. It is also believed that individuals can learn a 'hardy' approach to life. "

"The hardy personality type of person is not exactly defined. It is a listing of traits and qualities that are thought of as 'hardy'. People with a strong will to live and mental and physical health have the qualities of a hardy personality. Being hardy is not being perfect; it is trying your very best to take lemons and make lemonade!"

Have the participants complete the worksheet individually. They look over the list and see which hardy personality traits are a part of their regular routine, and which they might like to work on in the coming year. Reinforce that there are no right or wrong answers. Everybody's answers will be a little different.

Discuss the results with the participants.

  • Are there volunteers who would like to share?
  • What is one thing from the list you can do?
  • What is one thing from the list you need help with and could work on this year?
  • Which qualities would be most beneficial to the management of PKU?





Save this worksheet and look at it periodically during the year. Are you working on the traits you identified?

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