Independence Skills

CONCEPT: Making Healthy Choices, PKU Diet



Participants complete a worksheet to help them think about the progress they are making towards growing up to be a self-sufficient and competent adult.



After completing this activity, participants will be able to:

  • state that people achieve "competence" at different times in their lives
  • list areas in their life where they are independent and doing tasks without reminders or supervision (Great job!)
  • identify areas where they can learn to be more independent (and less dependent on caregivers for help or a reminder)



Explain: "As adolescents you are becoming more and more independent and responsible for your own actions and your own health. Today we're going to think about our independence skills and how we're doing at becoming self-sufficient."

  • What is independence? Can someone define it?
  • What is responsibility?
  • How do you become more independent and responsible?
  • What does it mean to be "self-sufficient"? "Competent"?

"Becoming responsible, independent, self-sufficient, and competent is a process. We don't wake up one morning and suddenly fit those categories. Instead, as we get older, we gradually learn these skills."

Distribute the "Independence Skills" worksheet. Allow time for the participants to complete it. Reinforce that there are no right or wrong answers. Each person will have different answers and be at different points in developing these skills. The checklist is a tool to help them think about the progress they are making towards growing up to become a self-sufficient and competent adult.

When they are finished, discuss the worksheet. What did they learn about themselves? What areas are they doing really well and independently? Great job! What areas do they need help with? Encourage them to talk with their parents and plan for how they might become more independent and in charge of themselves.





Save this worksheet and look at it periodically during the year to assess your progress in becoming a self-sufficient and responsible person.

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