The "Laws" of Setting Goals

CONCEPT: Growing Up with PKU, Taking Responsibility



Participants complete a worksheet, working through nine steps to achieving a goal.



After completing this activity, participants will be able to:

  • list at least three "laws" that can help to achieve goals
  • identify a goal they would like to achieve to help in the management of their PKU



Distribute "The "Laws" of Setting Goals" worksheet.

Explain: Most people set goals to help them make changes in their lives. These goals can be big or they can be small, but in order to be achievable, these goals must follow some basic "laws." If you can follow these "laws," you'll probably be more successful in achieving your own goals.

Participants work through the process on the worksheet with an individual goal they would like to accomplish. Discuss the process along the way. If they have trouble coming up with a goal, brainstorm together as a group for some possiblities. Encourage them to pick small goals that they feel are realistic. Once they reach this goal, they can add other goals. As they get more experience and feel good about their accomplishments, momentum will build.

When finished with the worksheet, discuss the process with the participants. Was is easy? difficult? Which part was the most challenging? Would they like to share their goals and steps to accomplishing it? What goals related to PKU management did they think of?





Save this worksheet and look at it periodically during the year to assess your progress in achieving your goals.

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