Magical Soup Evaluation Tour

CONCEPT: Calculating Phe



Review the phenylalanine content of several different types of canned soups and sort them into low, medium, and high PHE groups. Discuss portion sizes and whether these would fit into the food pattern of a person with PKU.



After completing this activity, participants will be able to:

  • list the details needed to correctly list the phe value of a soup
  • classify soups into categories according to phe content (lowest, low, medium, high)
  • compare the phe content of soups
  • list two soups that fit into their food pattern



Explain: "There are so many different types and brands of soups available. Are there a lot of choices that are nourishing and low in phe?"

Distribute the worksheet and Food List to each participant. Participants complete the worksheet individually.

When participants are finished, review the answers.
Did everyone calculate the phe content for the correct portion size? (1 cup, but phe values are listed for 1/2 cup portions, so need to double)
Were there any surprises?
Is it important to select the correct type/brand of a particular kind of soup? (for example: tomato soup--is any type or brand okay, or is one lower in phe than the others? How about vegetable soups? Minestrone soups?)
What details are needed to correctly list the phe value of a soup? (brand, type of soup, portion size, preparation method)





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