Self-Management Stages

CONCEPT: Growing Up with PKU



Participants discuss the different skills necessary to manage PKU and complete a worksheet, matching approximate ages with specific skills.



After completing this activity, participants will be able to:

  • list the skills necessary for PKU management
  • identify approximate ages at which management skills should be mastered



Distribute the worksheet to participants.

Lead a discussion about the self-management stages listed on page 1. Discuss the different skills that are necessary for managing PKU and the approximate ages at which children should be able to master each skill.

  • Which skills are the easiest to master?
  • Which skills are the most challenging to master?
  • How do you learn to master these skills?

Participants complete the self-management quiz on page 2 independently. When they are finished, review their answers. What other skills did they come up with that are needed to manage PKU? When would you expect to learn them?

Review page 3 together. This is a list of age-appropriate tasks for 10-18 year olds. Have the participants put a check mark next to the PKU self-management tasks they currently complete independently. How are they doing? What skill can they learn to do next?

Reinforce: "Learning these skills to manage PKU is a gradual process that comes with age. Each person will be at a different point in the process. What is important is that you are continuing to gradually gain new skills and independence in your PKU management."

For additional information, refer to the "Self-Management Timeline".




Continue this dialogue at home. Which skills does your child/young adult need help mastering? Continue to encourage your child to take responsibility for PKU management .

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