Slumber Party

CONCEPT: Making Healthy Choices, PKU Diet



Participants complete a worksheet dealing with food and formula decisions for a slumber party.



After completing this activity, children will be able to:

  • decide how they would manage PKU at a slumber party
  • describe strategies for managing PKU



Distribute the "Slumber Party" worksheet and a Food List to each participant.

Participants complete the worksheets independently. Provide assistance, as needed.

Discuss the answers:

  • What did most people decide to do about formula?
  • How will they bring formula to the party?
  • What was the most common answer? What was the most creative answer?
  • How did most participants approach food?
  • Did most people decide to eat a lot of low phe foods--or a few high phe foods?
  • Who decided to bring their own food? What would they bring?
  • What additional snack ideas did people come up with?

Discuss real-life experiences:

  • Who has been to a slumber party (or stayed overnight at a friend's house)?
  • Who has had to figure our how to take formula somewhere? Where? How did they do it?
  • What are some creative food options?





At home, discuss different food situations and a few strategies. Having a "plan of attack" before the actual event often makes dealing with the event easier.


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