The Relational Poverty Network (RPN) members collaborate to enliven and expand poverty research.  The RPN brings together scholars, students, activists and policy-makers from diverse theoretical and methodological traditions, disciplines and countries for new conversations.

By posing new questions about social alliances in the face of vulnerability, the RPN opens a space for new understandings and new actions in poverty research and policy.

The RPN website enables the types of actions, activism and collaborations that the RPN exists to foster. We envision users finding other critical poverty scholars, building new collaborations, finding tools to teach critical poverty studies, and disrupting dominant poverty discourses.

How to use this site

If you are starting a new research project, consider searching the site for keywords of your own project (i.e. ‘housing’). Explore research perspectives from other places and disciplines. Allow the questions from these projects to inform your own work. Consider reaching out to members to develop collaborations or share research results. Visit our blog and comment on our posts. Consider writing your own post and submitting it to the RPN. Through the blog, we disrupt dominant poverty discourse and cultivate new conversations.

An international, collaborative, and inclusive network

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