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Teenline: 206-722-4222
The Alcohol/Drug Helpline: 800-562-1240
Washington State Alcohol/Drug Clearinghouse: 800-662-9111 (206-725-9696 in Seattle)


The What's Up? Teen Health Fact Sheets
These fact sheets, developed by the Child and Adolescent Health Section of the Washington State Department of Health, contain information for adults who care about teens. The series of 16 fact sheets can be downloaded or ordered for free.


Alcoholics Anonymous: A Message to Teenagers
How to tell when drinking is becoming a problem and where to go for help.

Youths talk tobacco: www.streetheory.org inspires Youths to participate in anti-tobacco activism by spotlighting Youth activists, and listing positive counter activities.

Booze News
Updates for advocates of alcohol prevention.

Center for Alcohol Advertising
The Trauma Foundation's Coalition aims to stop "the unethical marketing strategies that make commercial messages about drinking a routine part of most children's daily experience."

Center on Alcohol Marketing to Youth at Georgetown University
Up-to-date inforamantion about the marketing of alcohol to youth. Watch excerpts of current and past television commercials. Excellent resource.

Center for Substance Abuse Prevention
CSAP provides a wealth of resources for substance abuse prevention in the workplace and at home. They provide a monthly newsletter containing science-based prevention information, which can be found by clicking here

Club Drugs
Information about popular club drugs including ecstasy and methamphetamine, and not so familiar ones such as ketamine (a horse tranquilizer) and GHB.

Daily Dose
Get your up-to-date dose of drug and alcohol news.

The spot for the lowdown on drugs. Drug facts, other teenagers' stories, news, and information on how you can step up the action against drugs. Take the "Your brain and pot" quiz!

The National Youth Anti-Drug Media Campaign's web site offers suggestions and stories about the "anti-drug."

State of Washington Health Education Resource Exchange.

How Alcohol Works
A detailed explanation of how alcohol affects the human body.

Join Together Online
Join Together is a resource center for community-based efforts to reduce, prevent, and treat substance abuse.

Dr. Jean Kilbourne: Media Researcher and Lecturer
Dr. Kilbourne explores the relationship of media images to societal problems, such as violence, the sexual abuse of children, rape and sexual harassment, pornography and censorship, teenage pregnancy, addiction, and eating disorders. She also educates her audiences about the primary purpose of the mass media, which is to deliver audiences to advertisers.

Mothers Against Drunk Driving—news and prevention.

A HIDTA resource and educational tool allowing online users to make informed and accurate decisions when confronted with the issues surrounding marijuana and methamphetamine.

National Center on Addiction and Substance Abuse at Columbia University
Through research, education and resources, CASA hopes to help individuals and institutions to take responsibility to combat substance abuse and addiction.

National Institute on Alcohol and Alcoholism
A division of NIH, the NIAAA supports and conducts biomedical and behavioral research on the causes, consequences, treatment, and prevention of alcoholism and alcohol-related problems.

National Clearinghouse for Alcohol and Drug Information
Home of PREVLINE, an award winning web resource, that offers electronic access to searchable databases and substance abuse prevention materials that pertain to alcohol, tobacco, and drugs.

Office of National Drug Control Policy
The principal purpose of ONDCP is to establish policies, priorities, and objectives for the Nation's drug control program. The goals of the program are to reduce illicit drug use, manufacturing, and trafficking, drug-related crime and violence, and drug-related health consequences.

Partnership for a Drug Free Washington and America
Look up information about specific drugs on Drug-Free America's Drug Resource page.
Washington contact: Deb Schnellman, (360) 438-8799, SchneDA@dshs.wa.gov

SABAR Counter-Ad Contest results
View some youth-produced counter-ads.

Seattle P-I: Special Report on Ecstasy

Information and advice about health, relationships, and growing up.

Washington State 24-hour Alcohol and Drug Helpline
A confidential, Washington state-wide telephone service providing assistance and guidance for people with alcohol and other drug related problems.

Washington State Alcohol and Drug Clearinghouse
The Washington State Alcohol/Drug Clearinghouse provides information to the people of Washington State on issues relating to alcohol and other drugs.

Washington State Division of Alcohol and Substance Abuse
A resource for research and other information on alcohol, tobacco and other drugs in Washington State. DASA works with county governments, tribes, non-profit organizations, and other state agencies to develop prevention programs and provide treatment programs.

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