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UW Transfer Student eNewsletter
Autumn 2013 | Issue No. 25 
Thinking about transferring to the UW? If you are, Transfer Thursday is your gateway to transfer information. At a Transfer Thursday session, you can speak to an admissions counselor who will tell you all about applying to the UW. You can also meet with an undergraduate academic advisor who will help you prepare for your intended UW major. Bring your questions and your unofficial transcript(s). It’s one-stop shopping for the prospective transfer student.

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New Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) in Integrated Sciences

By Meghan Oxley, Undergraduate Academic Adviser, Integrated Sciences

Beginning in Autumn 2013, the College of Arts and Sciences, in partnership with the College of the Environment, is offering a new Bachelor of Arts degree in Integrated Sciences. This degree is designed to meet the needs of undergraduates planning careers in secondary science teaching, informal science education at museums or other science institutions, science writing, or science policy and technology law, as well as students whose intellectual interests incline them toward a rigorous program of study across all the sciences.

The Integrated Sciences major provides students with a foundation in basic science and math, including coursework in mathematics, physics, chemistry, biology, and earth and space sciences. Students also pursue more in-depth study in one of nine areas of specialization: Aquatic and Fishery Sciences, Astronomy, Atmospheric Sciences, Biology, Chemistry, Earth and Space Sciences, Environmental and Forest Sciences, Oceanography, or Physics. Additional coursework taken within the Integrated Sciences Program is designed to guide students in examining science as a discipline, exploring science careers, and undertaking scientific research. Complete requirements for the Integrated Sciences major can be found in the UW Catalog.

Admission to the Integrated Sciences major is competitive and is based on cumulative GPA and grades in basic science and math courses, a letter of recommendation from a science or math instructor, and a personal statement. Application materials and instructions can be found on the Integrated Sciences website.

Transfer students can prepare for the Integrated Sciences major by getting started on their basic science and math coursework, particularly coursework in calculus, physics, and general chemistry. A detailed summary of the basic science and math coursework required for admission to the Integrated Sciences major can be found in the Academic Planning Worksheet for Integrated Sciences. Transfer students can also make significant progress towards completing UW's general education requirements. Washington community college students can consult UW's Transfer Equivalency Guide to determine how courses taken at their college will transfer to UW. Prospective transfer students are also encouraged to meet with Integrated Sciences advising to discuss the major and review their progress towards completion of the Integrated Sciences admissions requirements.

To learn more about the Integrated Sciences major, visit the Integrated Sciences website or contact Meghan Oxley, the undergraduate academic adviser for Integrated Sciences, at what@uw.edu or (206) 543-5447.

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