Alternative Testing Services

PDF of training slides to introduce faculty to the new way to manage testing accommodations:

Faculty testing training part 1 of 2

Faculty testing training part 2 of 2


Many students registered with DRS require testing accommodations. Some common accommodations include:

  • Extra time: 1.5x or 2x
  • Use of a computer for typing
  • A private room
  • A reduced distraction environment

As a faculty member, you have two routes to provide testing accommodations. The first option is to arrange for testing accommodations in your department/classroom.  Reasons for this option may include:

  • The class does not meet during Testing Center hours, and you are uncomfortable with the student taking the test at an alternate time
  • You and your student would like to be able to easily communicate about questions and clarifications during the test

If you have any questions about how to adequately accommodate your students for in-department testing, DRS is always happy to consult and be a resource.

The second option is to arrange for DRS to accommodate the student in the Testing Center.  A student may take some or all of their tests/quizzes in the Testing Center. To arrange use of the Testing Center, please read and follow the steps below.

Testing in the DRS Testing Center

Complete the DRS Testing Contract online (formerly known as the Gold Form)

The student will not be able to schedule exams with the Testing Center until the Testing Contract has been submitted.

Suggested method:  The student should meet with you in person to complete the DRS Testing Contract with you. The student could bring a laptop to access the DRS Testing Contract on his/her myDRS database account, or may bring a paper version if no laptop is available and then complete the online contract after the meeting.

Alternative and online course method: If you are unable to meet with the student, the student can complete and submit the contract independently. You will then have an opportunity to approve of the contract (see below).

Approve the DRS Testing Contract

Once the contract is submitted, by you or by the student (see both scenarios above) you will automatically be sent an emailed copy of the contract to review. There will be links to click to either approve or modify the contract. In addition to providing you an opportunity to double-check the contract, this ensures that a student cannot submit a contract without your knowledge.

What to do with multiple contracts for one class?

If you have multiple students who require testing accommodations, and you do not wish to fill out an individual contract for each student, DRS can apply one contract to the whole class. Once the first contract has been submitted you may request that DRS apply it to the other students in the class – simply send an email to  DRS will not know to automatically do this, so please be sure to communicate with the Testing Center.


Scheduling Exams

Students are responsible to schedule exams through their myDRS account. With every exam request, they are required to agree that they have scheduled exams according to the syllabus or Testing Contract specifications. To ensure that you are aware of when students have scheduled exams, you will be sent an automatic notice of the date and time of each exam scheduled.

Deliver/Upload the exam

We ask that exams arrive at DRS at least 24 hours ahead of time. The methods include:

  • Upload to myDRS (suggested method):  2 days before the test, you will receive a reminder email that will include a link to our secure server. By clicking on the link and uploading the exam, you send it directly to DRS.
  • Professor/TA Delivery:  deliver a hard copy to DRS in Mary Gates Hall, 011.
  • Email:  send test as a word document or pdf to
  • Student delivery:  give exam to student in a signed and sealed envelope to be taken directly to DRS. Be aware that this may not be a suitable option for students who have  mobility impairments or limited time between classes. Please speak with the student to determine if this method is a viable option.

Exam Returns

You may select one of the following methods for exam returns:

  • Email: DRS will scan and email completed exams.
  • Prof/TA pick up:  DRS will hold the completed exam for you to pick up.
  • Student return: . Student will return exam to your office or mailbox in a signed and sealed envelope. Be aware that this may not be a suitable option for students who have  mobility impairments or limited time between classes. Please speak with the student to determine if this method is a viable option.

Common Questions

What automatic notifications will DRS send me?

DRS strives to close communication gaps between faculty and our office in regards to testing. myDRS will send you automatic notifications for the following scenarios:

  • A testing contract is submitted
  • A student schedules a new exam
  • A student modifies a scheduled exam
  • 2 days prior to a scheduled exam: a reminder to deliver the test to DRS, or upload to myDRS

If you would like these notifications sent to a TA as well as yourself, please email and let us know!


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