Disability Resources for Students

myDRS Student Guide

What is myDRS?

myDRS is the online system that students with disabilities use to register, request, and track their accommodations while attending the University of Washington and working with Disability Resources for Students.

Information Privacy on myDRS

Information entered or uploaded to myDRS is available to Disability Resources for Students (DRS) staff. Entry into myDRS requires use of your UW login and password. To ensure privacy and security, do not share your UW login or password with anyone else. All information documentation submitted to the DRS office is kept separate from an academic record and is considered private under the Family Education Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA).  For more information on FERPA please visit

How to Complete a Release of Information

Students will need to submit an “Information Release Consent” in myDRS if they would like their DRS Coordinator to discuss disability accommodations with a family member, healthcare provider, or other non UW staff. This can also be completed in myDRS, click here for the myDRS Student Guide. For students not yet working with DRS you can complete the online Release of Information.

  • Log into myDRS
  • Click on “Information Release Consents” under My Accommodations on the left navigation
  • Chose the consent type from the drop down. Click on continue.
  • Read the FERPA statement and information.
  • Type the first and last name of the person you are giving consent for. You will need to complete a consent for each person you want DRS to be able to share information with.
  • Type in the address, phone, fax (is applicable) information of the person you are giving consent for.
  • Type any notes you want to share with DRS staff regarding information to share or not to share with each person. If nothing is listed in notes box DRS staff will assume nothing is restricted to share with that person.
  • If you wish to remove an listed people click on “modify” and select “inactive”

Before the Access Planning Meeting (APM)

Fill out the New Student Application

In order to request disability accommodations, you must complete the New Student Application on the DRS website, which includes submitting documentation of your disability(ies). Please review the documentation guidelines established by DRS on our website: DRS Documentation Guidelines

  • Go to disability.uw.edu and click on the PURPLE box that says “New Student Application.”
  • Enter your information.
  • Answer the questions.
  • Click “Submit Application.”
  • Upload your documentation. The max size for documents is 3 MB per upload. Your documentation should include your student ID#, last name, first name.
    • e. 0123456 Smith, Claire Documentation
  • Click “Submit Documentation.”

Once your application has been processed, and assuming it contains all the necessary information we need in order to proceed, we will contact you within 3 business days to schedule an Access Planning Meeting (APM). If additional information is needed we will contact you regarding next steps.

How to submit additional documentation requested by DRS prior to the APM

Additional documentation can be submitted by scanning and emailing to uwdrs@uw.edu or mailing a hard copy to University of Washington, Disability Resources for Students, Box 352808, Seattle, WA 98195-2808, or fax 206.616.8379 or delivering it in person to Mary Gates Hall, room 011.

After the Access Planning Meeting (APM)

Receiving the Student Eligibility Letter

You will receive the Student Eligibility Letter (SEL) outlining the accommodations that were approved during the APM. You can view a copy of this letter in your myDRS account. If you will be participating in fieldwork, clinicals, internships, or study abroad trips, the standard Faculty Notification Letter does not apply. You will need to schedule a separate appointment with your DRS Coordinator to discuss accommodations appropriate to that setting. You should initiate this discussion before your program assigns you a placement.

Logging in

  • Go to disability.uw.edu and click on the YELLOW box that says “myDRS”.
  • Log in with your UW NetID and password.
  • You will be asked to review and sign the students “Rights and Responsibilities”.
  • In addition to the “Rights and Responsibilities”, there may be other agreements that will need your review and acceptance.

How to Request Accommodations and Send Faculty Notification Letters (FNL) to Instructors

  • Once you have registered for classes through myUW, please allow 2 business days for your class schedule to appear on your myDRS profile.
  • After logging into myDRS, select “My Dashboard” from your myDRS home screen, located on the left-hand side.
  • Check the box(s) of the classes you would like to request services.
  • Click the button “Step 2- Continue to Customize Your Accommodations”
  • Select which accommodations you would like to request for each class.
    • You do not have to select all of your accommodations.
  • Click the button “Submit your Requests”.
  • A Faculty Notification Letter (FNL) will be sent via email. The timing of when it is sent may vary. Letters requested prior to the beginning of the quarter will be sent out 5 to 7 business days before the start of the quarter. Letters sent out after the start of the quarter will typically be sent within one business day. Once your letter has been sent to your professor, you will receive a copy.
  • Contact your professor(s) to discuss how your accommodations will be implemented in each class.
  • A PDF version of your FNL will be available to print after your letter has been sent to your professor. You can choose to deliver it to your faculty directly if needed. A copy of this letter can also be found in your myDRS Mailbox.
  • Any changes to your course schedule will take 24 to 48 hours to appear on your myDRS profile.

Some requests will require completion of additional steps. You can find links to these specific topics on your myDRS Dashboard after your accommodation requests have been submitted. You will be reminded of this via a message on your home screen.

Modifying or Cancelling a Completed Request to Send FNL

  • After logging into myDRS, select “My Dashboard” (located on the left-hand side of the myDRS home screen).
  • Scroll down to select the class(es) for which you would like to modify or cancel your accommodation request(s).
  • Look for a gray box containing the class information. There will be two options that appear on the right side of the page.
    • Modify request in BOLD BLUE TYPE
      • Click “Modify”
      • Select or deselect the accommodation(s) you need to modify
      • Click “Update Request”
    • Cancel request in BOLD RED TYPE
      • Click “Cancel”
      • Select from the drop-down menu the reason you need to cancel your accommodation(s)
      • Click “Cancel Accommodation Request”

Submitting Additional Pieces of Documentation (if needed)

To upload additional documentation, click the Browse button under the header “File Upload”; once attached you may upload any new documentation you have. Remember, to name your additional documentation with your student ID, last name, and first name. Keep in mind that the maximum file size per upload is 3 MB.

Navigating Your myDRS Account

My Dashboard

You may be prompted to complete required forms when you first use your dashboard. Before you will be able to access other areas of myDRS, you will need to read these forms carefully and scroll down to the bottom of the page and type your name in the electronic signature box. In the My Dashboard tab you will be able to print copies of your faculty notification letter, see all of the accommodations you requested for the current quarter by class. You will also be able to see day and time the faculty notification letter was sent. Your DRS Coordinator’s information is located below the left table of contents menu should you need to reach them for any reason.

My Profile

This is where your personal information (school ID number, birthdate, address, phone number and UW email) is located. Remember that, if you update your information in this section of myDRS it also needs to be updated in myUW)

SMS (Text Messaging)

myDRS can send you automatic text message reminders about

  • Upcoming appointments
  • Upcoming approved scheduled exams
  • Notes that have been uploaded by a note taker
  • Accessible instructional materials that are ready to be downloaded

You have to opt into this service since normal text messaging rates apply based on your current phone plan. Enter in your phone number and phone provider.

Equipment Checked Out

View the status of any equipment such as smart pens, FM systems, or furniture, you have checked out from DRS. If an item is overdue please contact a DRS staff member to renew.

Additional Accommodation Request Form

If you have additional accommodation needs please complete this form so that your request is in writing and we can track the status of your request. You may also contact your DRS Coordinator for a follow up meeting.

My Mailbox (Sent E-Mails)

In the My Mailbox tab you will be able to access email communication from DRS regarding accommodations. Copies of communication from DRS include your Student Eligibility Letter and your Faculty Notification Letters.

Information Release Consents

Here you will find any Information Release Consent forms that you have created and signed.

My Eligibility

Here is a list of your accommodations approved by your DRS Coordinator.

List Accommodations

You can search here for those accommodations that you have requested for a given quarter. You can also refine the search result to look for those accommodations that have been requested and then canceled.

Alternative Testing

If you have been approved for alternative testing or testing accommodations, you will find the Alternative Testing Agreement form here. This is also where you schedule exams.

To Schedule Exams in myDRS

  • The DRS Testing Agreement must be completed by your instructor
    • In your Faculty Notification Letter, your instructor is given a link to complete the agreement
  • Review your Testing Agreement once your instructor has completed it:
    • Log into myDRS
    • Click on “Alternative Testing” in the “My Accommodations” menu on the left
    • Select your class from the drop down menu
    • Click on “View Alternative Testing Detail”
    • Review your agreement. Contact your professor if you see any conflicts with dates/times or any errors
  • Schedule exams* in myDRS at least 5 business days before exam or 10 business days for finals
    • Click on “Alternative Testing” in the “My Accommodations” menu on the left
    • Select your class from the drop down menu
    • Click “schedule an exam”
    • Read the Terms and Conditions
    • Complete the “Exam Detail” Form
    • Complete Late Exam form if prompted

*Schedule exams for the same time as class. If you have a conflict (such as a class right after the test), please refer to the guidelines on the Testing Agreement about when your professor will allow you to take the exam.

To Modify Exams in myDRS

If you’ve scheduled an exam and realize that you have scheduled the wrong date, time, or if your Professor has changed the date/time of the exam, you can reschedule the exam through myDRS.

  • Log in to your myDRS profile.
  • On the left hand bar in the “My Accommodations” Menu, click on ‘Alternative Testing.’
  • Find the exam request you wish to reschedule, click ‘Modify Request’ found on the right side of the request.
  • Change the Request Type, the date, the time, or the requested services.
  • Select a reason for modification from the drop down menu.
  • Even if the request was previously approved, the modified request will need to be re-approved by a staff member.

To Cancel Exams in myDRS

  • Log in to your myDRS profile.
  • After logging in, click on the “Alternative Testing” link in the “My Accommodations” menu on the left side of the screen.
  • To cancel an exam, simply find the exam you wish to cancel (be sure to check the date and class to make sure you cancel the correct exam) then press the “Cancel Request” link to the right of the date and time.
  • A warning asking you if you really want to cancel your exam will appear. To cancel, click on the “Cancel Request” button in the “Exam to be Cancelled” box.

Accessible Instructional Materials

If you have been approved for accessible instructional materials, you can see the status of the texts that are being converted. You can also request an additional book or reading materials to be converted.

Checking on List/Status of Texts

  • Log in to your myDRS profile.
  • On the left hand bar in the “My Accommodations” Menu, click on ‘Accessible Instructional Materials.’
  • The list of texts are available in a table format. Next to each text is the end product preference, indication if a receipt has been turned in and the status of the text.

Submit Additional Text to Convert Request

  • Log in to your myDRS profile.
  • On the left hand bar in the “My Accommodations” Menu, click on ‘Accessible Instructional Materials.’
  • Scroll down below the list of texts. There is a multi-field form that asks you to indicate what class the text is for, the title, author, ISBN, publisher and other fields. Complete the form with as much information as possible.
  • Submit the additional text.
  • Upon submission, the text will show in the list of needed materials. It will have a “custom – not listed” status next to it. This status indicates that you, the student, entered in the book information as opposed to DRS entering the text information.

Notetaking Services

If you have requested Notetaking services for at least one of your classes, this page will allow you to View uploaded course notes through your myDRS profile. Please download notes you wish to keep for your use. Notes are hosted for one quarter post the end of the course.

To Confirm Your Notetaking Request

Two days after classes have been in session, you must confirm or cancel your request for notetaking. You can do this two ways:

  • Respond to the “Notetaking Reminder – First Notice” email
    • Click on “Yes, I still need a notetaker for my course” if this applies.
    • Click the corresponding reason in the “No” box.
  • In your myDRS profile:
    • Click on the “Notetaking Services” menu on the left.
    • Click on “Confirm now” next to the request you wish to confirm.

To Download Your Notes

  • Click on the “Notetaking Services” menu on the left of your myDRS account.
  • Click on “Available Note(s) for Download”
  • Click on “Download Note” next to the note you wish to download

Deaf and Hard of Hearing

When approved, this page includes a list of all courses for the current quarter and shows the interpreter or real-time captioner that is assigned to the course. There is also a link to the form one would use to submit any additional custom request for an interpreter or captioner.

My Signed Forms

A list of all forms signed previously is included here. Any form can be viewed by clicking on the ‘View’ link.

Trouble Shooting

Logging In

  • Be sure to use your UW NetID credentials.
  • Some browsers work better with myDRS. Firefox is the recommended browser.
  • If your account is locked, please contact DRS.

Difficulty Uploading Documentation

  • Ensure that documentation is under 3MB. Contact DRS if you have a file that is bigger than 3 MB.

Submit a Request for Receiving New/Additional Accommodations

If you think you can benefit from accommodations that you do not already have:

  • Select “Additional Accommodation Request Form” from your myDRS home screen, located on the left-hand side.
  • Click “Submit New Application.”
  • Answer the questions and then click “Submit Application.”
  • To finish, click “Update Application.”


Access Planning Meeting

The Access Planning Meeting is for the purpose of you to be able to discuss with a DRS Coordinator appropriate accommodations/services that can be implemented to create equal access for you in the areas where there are or may be anticipated barriers.


Accommodations are academic adjustment or services designed to give students with disabilities the same opportunity to succeed or fail and those without a disability.

Student Eligibility Letter

The Student Eligibility Letter is an email from your DRS Coordinator notifying you of your approved accommodations. This Student Eligibility Letter (SEL) will also confirm the next steps that you should take to request accommodations for your classes. If your accommodations ever change, you will receive an updated SEL.

Faculty Notification Letter

The Faculty Notification Letter (FNL) is an email requested by the student through myDRS, for each class. It notifies each faculty member which accommodations you have selected for their specific course.

Still have questions? Please call the office at 206-543-8924 or email uwdrs@uw.edu.