Disability Resources for Students

Online Course Accessibility Checklist

The following checklist is a basic level list to ensure online course content is accessible. More advanced levels of accessibility can be achieved through consultation with DRS.


  • Does your syllabus have a Disability Services statement? If not click here
  • Does your syllabus list have a contact for technical assistance?
  • Does your syllabus indicate the options for communicating with you?
  • Do you list a turnaround time for online communication (i.e. 24 hours response on emails)?
  • Does your syllabus have a clear outline for course content and expectations?
  • Does your syllabus state standards of appropriate communication online?
  • Do you provide examples/definitions of online terminology for students? For example: Canvas, discussion posting, catalyst, etc.
  • Do you provide examples for different standards of “discussion posting” for courses?

Text Documents

  • Can text be highlighted, copied, and pasted?
  • Were headings used?
  • Is there sufficient color contrast?
  • Are documents saved as HTML, Word (.doc), PDF (.pdf)?
  • If you have image based PDF files, have you contacted UW DRS for assistance?

PowerPoint presentation slides

  • Are all your presentations created with the same template?
  • Are you using high contrast between text and background?
  • Does the presentation include text descriptions for all graphics and pictures?
  • Can the order of the text in the presentation be verified in the “Outline” panel?


  • Do your images include text descriptions of necessary content?

Video and Audio

  • Is video (web, DVD and VHS) media captioned and have a transcript(s)?
  • Is all audio (podcasting, mp3, cds etc) media captioned and have a transcript(s)?
  • If you do not have accessible media, have you contacted UW DRS for assistance?

For more guidance on how to make online courses accessible to students with disabilities, consult the UW Accessibility web page. Also check out Faculty Course Preparation Guide created by University of Montana.