Disability Resources for Students

In order to ensure effective activation of approved appropriate accommodations and auxiliary aid(s), academic staff must implement listed accommodations in a timely manner, and connect with DRS if there are any questions or concerns. Below is a list of accommodation groups and appropriate timelines for most circumstances. If a request is submitted after the relevant deadline, DRS will make every reasonable effort to accommodate the request but cannot guarantee that such a request can be met. Accommodations can be approved and activated throughout the quarter, but are not retroactive.

Accommodation Group Time Required
All Accommodations
  • General timeframes to implement are 10 business days.
  • Some accommodations may have shorter or longer timelines: see below.
  • Connect with DRS staff listed on Faculty Notification Letter or at uwdrs(at)uw.edu as soon as possible if questions arise.
  • If you have a TA/course coordinator/administrator, they can connect with DRS on items noted below.
Accessible Instructional Materials Share requested items with DRS within 5 business days of notice.

Any additional materials added during the quarter must be delivered to DRS 10 business days prior to use in course if conversion is needed.

Classroom Services: Lab Assistants, Readers, Scribes Connect with DRS office within 5 business days of notice to begin hiring processes.
Communication Access: Video Captioning Upload selected media to myDRS Faculty Portal at least 7-10 business days before showing each item: https://denali.accessiblelearning.com/Washington/instructor
Course Participation: Disability Related Absences Agreement Complete a Disability Related Absences Agreement with the student, before the end of the 2nd week of the class.

Turn in signed agreement to DRS office, who will scan and email document to all parties.

Student can opt for DRS to facilitate discussion with faculty and student. DRS will then establish parameters of agreement.

Group work modification, class presentation, oral presentation DRS will discuss with faculty to determine what is reasonable for each course, then define steps to implement.
Alternative Testing Submit Alternative Testing Agreement in myDRS faculty portal within 5 business days of receiving notice.

Students cannot schedule exams until this agreement is in place.

Upload exams to myDRS faculty portal 48 hours before each exam, unless alternative submission timeline is agreed upon with DRS.

Access to Lecture Content: Record of Class Student may be using devices to get a record of class in a variety of forms. Students’ rights are protected in having this accommodation, but they complete a use agreement.