Prospective DRS Students

Going to college will most likely be a significant transition for you. For many students this is the first time they are separating from the family and moving towards independence. This is an exciting time but the transition can also bring up concerns for you as a student in a new environment. Students with disabilities benefit greatly from understanding what it means to transition to a university with a disability and what steps to take in order to receive support from Disability Resources for Students (DRS) at UW. While the DRS office at the UW can not promise you will succeed we are committed to ensuring you have equal access to UW programs and services, and facilitating opportunities for success.

Here are some resources designed to help you make a smoother transition as well as how to our office can help partner in our journey to UW:

Differences Between K-12 & Higher Education Learn More

Transition Resources Learn More

DRS Consultations

DRS will happily schedule a consultation to discuss the accommodations and services we might be able to provide for matriculated students at the Seattle campus. Consultations with our staff are scheduled by phone, e-mail or scheduled meetings. We encourage students with disabilities or those students not sure about whether they have a disability to explore whether they could benefit from partnering with our office in receiving services. We are interested in your access as well as your success as a student here at the UW!

Access Planning Meeting

The Access Planning Meeting is for the purpose of you to be able to discuss with a DRS counselor your experience living with and learning with your disability and the kind of barriers you have or are experiencing. Through this interactive dialogue, the goal will be to identify appropriate accommodations/services that can be implemented to create equal access for you in the areas where there are or may be anticipated barriers. When the accommodations are established, the DRS counselor will share with you how the accommodation is requested and coordinated each quarter and everyone’s role in that process: the role of the DRS office, the role of the student, the role of the professor or Teaching Assistant’s, the role of a staff member within our campus community, etc. NOTE: a myDRS New Student Application must be completed, including uploaded documentation, to schedule an Access Planning Meeting.

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