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Free Online Conversion Tool: SensusAccess

What is it?

SensusAccess is an online conversion tool that will allow you to convert documents from one file type to another. The most common example is uploading an image PDF, then outputting a Word document. But there are many more choices!

What does it cost?

This tool is free to anyone with a UW NetID.

How do I get to it?

Use the link to SensusAccess to convert a file. If you prefer, use Both links direct to the same page. You will sign in with your UW credentials.

Are there limitations to this service?

  • The source file needs to be of good quality in order to maximize conversion accuracy.
  • Some file outputs may require additional editing after conversion.
  • This service is intended to provide a quick temporary solution, but is not the final solution for accessibility. For faculty and staff who are producing documents, please consult the above links for information on how to create accessible documents in various document formats.
  • Students requesting alternate materials as an accommodation, please contact Disability Resources for Students.

How do I use it?

Created by the University of Washington

Created by SensusAccess


Converting PDF Documents

Creating MP3 Files