Start setting up the session

  • Prepare your workspace for the session
    • Minimize distractions, silence any phones
    • Close unnecessary windows/applications
    • Remove or hide any confidential or inappropriate content
    • Disable pop-up notifications where applicable (e.g. Outlook)
  • Check your microphone, camera and screen sharing
    • If you’re using an external microphone or camera, make sure to plug them in
    • You can also join a test meeting to verify that your microphone and camera work
  • Connect to the session using the Zoom link on Papercept
    (If you have the Zoom app installed, open the link using the Zoom app)
  • Click on “Join Audio by Computer”, enable your microphone, and start your video
    (If you’re having problems, let the volunteer know)
  • Locate the session volunteer
    • Session volunteers will show up as (Volunteer) (Host) in the participant list
    • If the current host is an automated moderator, e.g. AIM 2020 Automoderator 20 (Host), wait for the volunteer to join the meeting.
  • Identify yourself to the session volunteer as the chair/co-chair
    (The volunteer will grant you co-host privileges)
  • Verify that you have co-host privileges. Additional controls will show up on your meeting toolbar (e.g. Security)

5-10 minutes before the session

  • Make sure you have the show/no-show form at hand
  • Using the session program, identify the presenters and perform a quick technical check
    • Read each paper’s title and ask the presenter to identify themselves to you
    • If necessary, repeat the paper title and read the names of the authors
    • If nobody responds, make a note and move on to the next paper. Otherwise, continue
                If nobody identifies themselves as the presenter of a paper at the start of the session, be sure to ask again at the start of the presentation slot for that paper.
                If a presenter joins the Zoom meeting mid-session, they will not yet have co-host permissions, and therefore will not be able to use their microphone. Please ask them to respond via the chat panel.
    • Ask the presenter to test their microphone, video, and screen sharing
    • If the presenter needs to play a video with audio, remind them to enable desktop audio when screen sharing using the “Share computer sound” option
  • Check that the presenters are listed as co-hosts in the participant’s panel.
    If not, ask the volunteer to promote the presenters to co-hosts
  • Fill out the show/no-show form as you go

Before you start

  • Let the volunteer know you’re ready to start.
    The volunteer will modify the meeting’s security settings before starting.
  • If you are already, start your video and audio.
    Consider using one of the Zoom backgrounds provided by AIM 2020.
  • Ask the volunteer to spotlight your video so it stays as the primary video for all participants
    • The volunteer will spotlight your video while you start the session/introduce speakers
    • The volunteer will spotlight the presenter’s video while they are presenting