AIM 2020 is entirely online and taking place over Zoom. All live sessions will take place using Eastern Daylight Time (UTC-4:00). For this year’s conference, we will offer several additional resources to enrich the attendee experience. Post-presentation discussions and attendee-to-attendee communication will be supplemented by Slack, whereas a digital alternative to physical posters will be provided by a virtual poster gallery on Mozilla Hubs. We hope that these tools will help you connect with other attendees and allow richer discussions.

Conference Technical Sessions, Plenaries, and Other Live Content

All live AIM 2020 live content will be accessible via Zoom. Look in the online program or in this document for links that will take you directly to sessions. If you are new to Zoom, please visit the following links to help you get started.

For a quick Getting Started guide for Zoom, please visit:

Getting Started – Zoom Help Center

You can test your audio and video setup by connecting to a Zoom Test Call:

Join a Test Meeting – Zoom

Instant Messaging over Slack

Slack provides a convenient way to have text-based discussions with other attendees. Users can participate in public discussions (similar to old IRC-based chatrooms) or communicate privately using direct messages. Public discussions for AIM 2020 are divided into several channels (indicated by # before the channel name) corresponding to topics relevant to the conference. AIM 2020 will provide channels for general discussions, introductions, session discussions, and more.

You can find more information about the AIM 2020 Slack workspace in the #welcome channel.

To join the AIM 2020 Slack workspace, please follow this link:

If you have already joined the workspace, you can sign in here:

Virtual Poster Gallery on Mozilla Hubs

While the late breaking results and student design competition poster sessions will take place alongside the morning technical sessions on Tuesday, July 7 and Wednesday, July 8, respectively, we will also provide an alternative way to view and discuss posters through virtual spaces created in Mozilla Hubs. The virtual spaces constructed for the AIM 2020 poster gallery consist of connected rooms that attendees can visit at their leisure. Mozilla Hubs also allows voice chat with nearby attendees, with decreasing volume as the distance between two attendees increases. This provides a natural way of limiting discussions of the posters to the vicinity of the poster itself.

To get started, please join us on Slack in the #poster-gallery channel, or directly follow this link:

AIM 2020 Virtual Poster Gallery | Hubs by Mozilla

For more information on movement controls within Mozilla Hubs, please visit:

Controls · Hubs by Mozilla

For more information or assistance please contact a volunteer using the #help channel on Slack.

Coffee and Lunch Breaks over Zoom

Please join us for coffee and lunch breaks over Zoom. We will host three large Zoom meetings for coffee and lunch breaks throughout the conference for socializing and discussing the day’s events. Links to these meetings will be provided in the program on Papercept, and will be open to all conference attendees. You are welcome to use these room outside the designated coffee and lunch breaks between each session, as we will keep them open for the duration of the conference.

We will also provide several password-protected private rooms for smaller group meetings over Zoom for your convenience. For more information about scheduling private rooms, please visit the #private-meetings channel on the AIM 2020 Slack workspace or contact a volunteer during conference hours. We encourage the use of Slack direct messages to schedule on-the-spot meetings with other attendees using Zoom or any other video conferencing tool you prefer.