You are cordially invited to contribute Late Breaking Results poster to AIM 2020. The submissions are one-page in length with a streamlined acceptance-decision process, and they are presented at the conference as posters.

This component of the conference technical program is intended to reach out to the broader mechatronics research community, and the submissions are not peer-reviewed. Although accepted posters will be included in the conference proceedings, since they are not considered as publications, they will not be submitted to IEEE for inclusion in the Xplore database.

AIM 2020 invites submissions in all areas of intelligent mechatronic systems, their components, and applications.

Authors of the best poster from Late Breaking Results Posters will receive $400 cash prize along with a certificate.

Prospective poster presenters should submit a 1-page abstract by May 25, 2020, through the PaperPlaza system:

Submission Guidelines

Language: English
Paper size: US letter
Format: two-column IEEE journal
Poster length: one (1) page
File format: PDF

To submit, please visit the AIM 2020 page in the PaperPlaza system at

If the submission is accepted, the author(s) must prepare a 24” x 36” or 27” x 39” digital copy of the finalized poster to be presented in a virtual but interactive session at the conference.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What’s the Late Breaking Results Poster Session about?
This session is to allow as many people as possible to share their work at AIM. The posters are reviewed for basic quality only, and are not held to the same standards as full papers.

2. What’s the poster conference format? 
Poster sessions will run in dedicated time slots during the conference. Bring a digital poster in a virtual but interactive session at the allocated time, and talk to your colleagues about your work.

3. How many authors of each accepted poster present the poster at AIM?
At least one of the authors of each accepted poster is expected to be present at the poster during the entire session.

4. Does the presenter/s (author/s) need to register to the conference?
Yes. You need to register to the Conference as any other attendees.

5. What are the criteria for accepting Late Breaking Results Poster submissions?
The poster should describe mechatronic research or applications that will be of interest to the AIM audience. Posters are not formally peer-reviewed but normal standards of academic integrity and presentation apply. References should be given to prior work. Applications papers, including projects in education are welcome.

6. I had a paper rejected from AIM or another conference or journal. Can I submit a poster based on that paper? 

7. I had a paper accepted to AIM or another conference or journal. Can I submit a poster based on that paper? 
Yes. The poster itself must be unique and not reproduced elsewhere.

8. If my poster appears at AIM, can I send a full paper based on the same work elsewhere? 
It depends on the publication, so please check the condition by yourself. You can’t reproduce the poster itself elsewhere, but a longer paper on the same topic should be acceptable elsewhere.

9. Can I submit a poster on work in progress? 
Yes. If you are proud of your work so far, and your ideas will be of interest to the AIM audience. Posters can be somewhat speculative.

For additional information, please contact AIM 2020 program chair at