Implementation Science


The aim of the IS SWG is to improve the speed, efficiency and quality of translation of scientific evidence on HIV & STI prevention and care into effective, large scale health programs. The IS SWG will leverage local and international multidisciplinary expertise to develop innovative models for implementing and scaling-up efficacious HIV and STI interventions, and apply rigorous methods to study develop a base of evidence to guide scale-up.


Specific activities include:

  • Bi-monthly IS meetings to develop novel research methods for IS, foster interdisciplinary collaboration, and coordinate responses to funding opportunities
  • Annual IS symposia
  • Fostering collaboration among UW/FHCRC CFAR cores and extra-CFAR institutions
  • IS education, training and mentoring internationally and  at the UW


Kenneth Gimbel-Sherr PhD, MPH; Scientific Working Group Co-Director; Assistant Professor of Global Health, UW

Stephen Gloyd, MD, MPH; Scientific Working Group Co-Director; Professor of Global Health, UW

Judith Wasserheit, MD, MPH; Scientific Working Group Co-Director; Vice Chair and Professor of Global Health, UW

Scientific Working Group Members:

Joseph Babigumira (UW), Jared Baeten (UW), Ruanne Barnabas (UW/ITHS), Scott Barnhart (UW/ITECH), Fredy Canchihuaman (UPCH), Jerry Cangelosi (Seattle BioMed), Deborah Donnell (UW/FHCRC) , Ann Downer UW/ITECH), Ann Duerr (UW/FHCRC), Carey Farquhar (UW), Emmanuela Gakidou (UW/IHME), Patty Garcia (UW, UPCH), Geoff Garnett (BMGF), Stephen Goodreau (UW), Jeffrey Harris (UW), Jim Hughes (UW/FHCRC), Grace John-Stewart (UW), James Kiarie (UoN), John Kinuthia (UoN), Dan Kraushaar (MSH), Martina Morris (UW), James Pfeiffer (UW/HAI), Jeff Shouten (FHCRC), Jane Simoni (UW), Richard Storch (UW), Joe Zunt (UW)


Kenneth Sherr, PhD, MPH
ksherr at