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October 21, 2016

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March 25, 2015

The opening ceremony for "Kuska: the UW-UPCH Center for Research and Training in HIV/AIDS and STI's" took place on April 4, 2014 with many representatives from the University of Washington in atten

July 17, 2014

In collaboration with the Fogarty International Center, the CFAR Health Economics Impact Study Team (HEIST) held its 2nd health economic workshop in Kisumu, Kenya, on June 19th, 2014.&nb

May 14, 2014

 Seattle BioMed today announced that it has received a seven year Integrated Preclinical/Clinical AIDS Vaccine Development (IPCAVD) grant from the National Institute of Allergy and

July 17, 2013

NIAID will fund Michael Katze's proposal for a 5-year, $15M contract to establish a Non-Human Primate Core Functional Genomics Laborator for AIDS Vaccine Research and Development. 

June 20, 2013

The Seattle Times reported on Timothy Ray Brown's visit to his hometown of Seattle to help boost efforts promote a cure for HIV. 

March 21, 2013

Dr. King K. Holmes, professor and chair of the UW Department of Global Health, won the prestigious 2013 Canada Gairdner Global Health Award for his work in sexually transmitted diseases. 

December 14, 2012

CFAR Co-Director and Scientific Working Group leader in AIDS-Associated Infections and Malignancies (AAIMs) is featured in an NPR article and interview on KUOW 94.9FM. 

November 30, 2012

UW News published an article detailing some of Dr. Kim Woodrow's new work, a method of providing contraception and prevent HIV transmission by using electrically spun cloth with nanometer-sized fibers that can dissolve to release drugs.

October 03, 2012

Scientists used genetic sequencing to discover that the vaccine used in the RV144 HIV vaccine trial, involving 16,000 men and women in Thailand, did offer some protection against certain HIV viruses. The results were published Sept. 10 in the online edition of Nature.

Upcoming Events


Location: SZE Conference Room, 1100 Fairview Avenue North, Seattle, WA

Speaker: Justin Taylor, PhD

Affiliation: Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center


Location: SZE Conference Room, 1100 Fairview Avenue North, Seattle, WA.

Speaker: William DePaolo, PhD

Michael and Lynn Garvey Endowed Chair | Gastroenterology


Speaker: Thomas Hope, PhD
Professor in Cell and Molecular Biology, McCormick School of Engineering and Obstetrics and Gynecology
Northwestern University


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Harborview Research and Training Building
9:30 a.m.- 5:30 p.m.


Speaker: Aaron Tobian, MD, PhD
Affiliation: Johns Hopkins University




Location: Pelton Auditorium, Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center

Speaker: Patrick Sullivan, PhD, DVM


Location: Pelton Auditorium, Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center

Speaker: Roxanne Kerani, PhD, MPH

Affiliation: University of Washington


Location: Pelton Auditorium, Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center

Speaker: Pam Kohler, PhD, MPH


Demetre Daskalakis, MD, MPH
Assistant Commissioner
Bureau of HIV Prevention and Control
New York Department of Health and Mental Hygiene
New York, New York

Jennifer Balkus, PhD
Staff Scientist, Vaccine and Infectious Disease Division
Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center
Affiliate Instructor, Global Health

Heather Jaspan, MD, PhD
Assistant Professor, Infectious Disease
Seattle Children’s Hospital and Research Institute  

Noah Sather, PhD
Assistant Professor
Center for Infectious Disease Research

Ariane van der Straten, MPH, PhD
Associate Professor
University of California San Francisco

Peter Hunt, MD
Associate Professor of Medicine, HIV/AIDS Division
University of California, San Francisco

Brandon Guthrie, MPH, PhD
Assistant Professor, Global Health
Assistant Professor, Epidemiology
University of Washington

James Neaton, PhD
Professor, Biostatistics
Adjunct Professor, Infectious Disease and International Medicine
University of Minnesota

Ruanne Barnabas, MD, DPhil
Assistant Professor, Department of Global Health, Division of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, University of Washington

Nancy Puttkammer, MPH, PhD
Acting Assistant Professor, Global Health
University of Washington