Leadership Without Borders

After College

Whether you are planning to apply to graduate school or preparing to launch your career, we are here to help you plan how to successfully transition into the next phase of your educational and professional journey.

Graduate School

Undocumented students are eligible for admission to any graduate program at the University of Washington. The following information can help you to begin your planning process to apply to a graduate program at the University of Washington. We also encourage you to contact us and/or visit us at the LWB Office so we can help you access additional resources. 

Graduate Student Equity and Excellence (GSEE)

As a unit of the UW Graduate School, the Office of Graduate Student Equity and Excellence (GSEE) is committed to serving the needs of students of color and students from other underrepresented groups, while simultaneously fostering an educational and social environment in which all students can learn and develop through experiences rich in cultural, ethnic, and racial diversity. 

We encourage you to visit GSEE’s page on Prospective and Current Undocumented Students to learn more.

Contact information:

G-1 Communications, Suite 034  |  Box 353770  |  Seattle, Washington 98195
Phone: 206.543.9016  |  Email: gomap@uw.edu

Graduate Toolkit

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Professional School

Some Professional Schools at the University of Washington allow undocumented students to apply for admissions. We recommend reaching out to the following key allies for additional information. 

Paying for Graduate School or Professional School

Resources to pay for graduate school or professional schools will vary widely depending on where you attend and the programs you qualify for. At the University of Washington, if an undocumented graduate student has DACA (Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals), they are eligible for consideration of Academic Student Employee positions, including teaching assistantships (TAs), research assistantships (RAs), and staff assistantships (GSAs).You can visit the Graduate School’s Assistantships page to learn more. We also encourage you to contact GSEE to learn more about additional possible funding sources available to undocumented students.

Career Search

Ready to explore your career or looking for a dream job or internship? Create your resume and cover letter, meet your department career advisor, visit UW Academic Career Center, go to career fair, talk to your friends and alumni, go to interviews, then experience and reach your career goal.