We are committed to recognizing and honoring the stories of undocumented students and their contributions to the history of our campus as well as surrounding community.

On June 20, 2014, the University of Washington, in collaboration with other institutions of higher education and community organizations, hosted the HB 1079 Summit: A Decade of Dreaming at the Samuel E. Kelly Ethnic Cultural Center. It was during this summit that Leadership Without Borders (LWB) was unveiled to the community as a space dedicated to provide resources and support for undocumented students’ leadership development.

The establishment of LWB, the first of its kind at a 4-year public institution in the Pacific Northwest, marked a milestone in advancing the pathways of undocumented students in higher education and beyond. The development of LWB is the result of the collaborative efforts of the Kelly ECC’s Director, Magdalena Fonseca and Former Director, Marisa Herrera, in addition to the contributions of other staff, students, alumni, and community organizations, who have been providing support, guidance, and resources for undocumented students for over 15 years.

cropped-lwb-logo-1.pngHistory of Undocumented Students

at the University of Washington

Important Milestones

2001 – 2018