Leadership Without Borders

For Educators & Off Campus Organizations

We are committed to work with and provide Undocu Ally trainings to other institutions of higher education, school districts, and community organizations to build a comprehensive pathway for undocumented students’ access and success in postsecondary settings and beyond.

The LWB Office provides a series of Undocu Ally trainings for universities, colleges, school districts, and community organizations that are seeking to increase the awareness of their staff and the capacity of their institutions to build a supportive environment for undocumented students.

We understand institutions can be at different stages of planning and executing programs and/or events to support undocumented students. For this reason, we offer three different training strands (Raising Awareness, Creating a Culture, and Undocumented Student Programs)  as well as customized trainings to best support and meet the needs of each organization and/or institution. 

For consultations, more information, and or to book a training  you can contact us directly at undocu@uw.edu or by completing a training request form