Leadership Without Borders


At the LWB we are proud to provide undocumented students with a variety of support services as well as connections and referrals to other campus and community resources.  We encourage you to explore the LWB and all we have to offer!

At the LWB we work to build a safe and empowering space for undocumented students at the University of Washington and we are committed to provide all our students with the necessary resources and guidance they need to achieve their academic and leadership goals.

The following are some of the key resources and services you can access at the LWB:

  • Peer mentors and College Success Foundation Navigators
  • Scholarship information and resources
  • Textbook lending library
  • Leadership development opportunities
  • Referrals to other campus and community resources; including health and wellness and legal services.


“As an undocumented student myself, I can tell you that the LWB is an incredible resource for DREAMers. We want all undocumented students to know that we are here to support you!”

– Carlos Escutia, Student DREAMer Success Coordinator