Global Health Justice

Tax evasion

July 31, 2023

Countries on course to lose $4.7 trillion to tax havens over next 10 years

By GHJ Team

The tax justice network recently released its 2023 State of Tax Justice report that estimates that, if no action is taken, countries will  lose nearly US$5 trillion in tax to multinational corporations and wealthy individuals using tax havens to underpay tax over the next 10 years. Lower incomes countries’ tax losses ($46 billion) are equivalent…

December 13, 2022

[BOOKS] on Structural Violence

By Fatima Al-Shimari

Structural violence refers to the social, economic, or political harm ingrained in the underlying systems and structures of a society, causing long-term suffering and disadvantage for certain groups or individuals. Here are some suggested books on the topic:   “Violence: Reflections on a National Epidemic” by James Gilligan (1997) Gilligan, a psychiatrist and expert on…