Elisabeth C. Miller Library

Donor and Financial Information

Noteworthy throughout the 30+ year history of the Elisabeth C. Miller Library has been the generosity of the gardening community to help build both the building and the collections of the library, demonstrating the unique public-private partnership that exists between the University of Washington and the gardeners of the Northwest.

Generous support of the Elisabeth C. Miller Library through fundraising events by foundations and horticultural organizations has helped the library over the years and remains a critical component for our everyday operations. Not only do they raise needed funding but the events also build a sense of community and close relations between the library and gardeners throughout the Northwest.

2018 Projected Income

2018 Projected Outcomes

Outcome Descriptions

(All activities include staff salaries and benefits.)


  • Researching and selecting potential acquisitions of both books and magazines
  • Ordering and processing receipt of acquisitions, including magazine check-ins
  • Cataloging new acquisitions; catalog maintenance
  • On-going review of collection content, review of donated books and magazines, binding of historical magazines

Reference Services

  • Helping library visitors with their research
  • Plant Answer Line service for phone, e-mail, and web submitted questions
  • Gardening Answers Knowledgebase updates and maintenance


  • Story Time programs
  • Library presentations and tours
  • Art exhibits; student poster exhibits
  • Leaflet and Leaflet for Scholars
  • Updating and maintaining www.millerlibrary.org
  • Plant sales and garden tours calendar
  • Research guide for students; other recommended websites
  • Book reviews for local and national publications
  • Participation in international professional associations for plant science libraries

Community Development

  • Annual book sale and party
  • Donor events
  • Vounteer thank you event
  • Donor records management
  • Annual appeal, thank you letters


  • Supervision of staff, students, and volunteers
  • Personnel records; time sheets
  • Management and reconciliation of budgets
  • Library equipment maintenance; acquisition of supplies
  • Participation in UW Botanic Garden management activities and events

95% of the Miller Library’s direct operating support is raised through foundations, endowments, and individuals. Your support is critical to the continued health of the Elisabeth C. Miller Library.

Major funding for the Miller Library comes from:

Pendleton and Elisabeth Carey Miller Charitable Foundation.

Additional support comes from:

Northwest Horticultural Society

Established Endowments and UW State Budget, including:

  • UW/Elisabeth C. Miller Horticultural Library Endowment
  • NHS/Seattle Foundation Endowment
  • UW/Ruth Ellerbeck Endowed Fund
  • UW/Jill Riehl Endowed Fund
  • UW/UWBG state budget

University of Washington

We are appreciative of the University of Washington for providing administrative support, personnel services, legal support, building services, and endowment funds management in addition to funds for operations.

Many individuals, garden societies and small businesses.

The staff, students, faculty and patrons of the library and the UW Botanic Gardens are grateful for your generous support.

Please contact library manager, Brian Thompson at 206-543-1434, for information on making a donation.