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Student Plant Research Exhibit

Since 2008, the Elisabeth C. Miller Library has hosted an annual exhibit on plant research done by students at the University of Washington. Our goal is to provide an avenue for students to share the work that has captured their curiosity and to draw attention to the great work being done by those developing their research and interests in plants and horticulture.

Submissions for the 2024 exhibit are currently open.

The process is simple:

  • Consider your topic. You may want to present a distillation of a capstone project or a major research project you’ve undertaken. The research must relate directly to plants, but there are many approaches. You can see previous years’ submissions and more information on the exhibit at our Student Research Presentations page.
  • By Monday, April 1st: Email a title and brief summary (no more than 100 words) to This gives us a sense of who is interested in submitting work and what kind of submission we can expect.
  • Create a poster, graphic, or audio or video presentation to share your research.  Think about the medium that makes sense to share the work you’ve done. Remember to make the information you present easy to read: legibility of text and a clean layout of information and graphics go a long way. Be sure to include your name, date (month and year), and your department, school, or college on your poster or video.
  • By Wednesday, April 24th: Submit your finished poster or video to We look forward to learning about your important work and helping share it with others!

The exhibit will be featured on the Miller Library’s website from May 1st – June 17th. Any questions? Please contact Nick Williams,

Information and guidelines for submissions:

Work needs to be original and directly related to plants.

Work can be presented in a variety of ways (posters, videos, or other audiovisual media), but should be accessible to the library’s general, plant-loving audience. Please try to present text in an easy-to-read format and try to avoid unnecessary jargon.

Participants must be current students (undergraduate, graduate, or continuing education) at the University of Washington. All programs and departments are welcome.

Group submissions are welcome. Please ensure all members receive credit.

We are particularly interested in broadening disciplinary approaches: poetry, creative writing, visual arts, history, anthropology, and other fields in the arts, humanities, and social sciences are encouraged.

Interested in exploring past exhibits? You can find them here.