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Ecoregional Planting Guides (for pollinators)

A collections of booklets that recommends the best plants for attracting pollinators such as bees, butterflies and birds to various eco-geographic regions of the United States, including the “Pacific lowland mixed province forest” (Oregon & Washington). The booklet also describes the pollinators likely to be found living in the regions as well as general information on encouraging pollinator populations. Published by the The Pollinator Partnership┢/North American Pollinator Protection Campaign.

A community for gardeners with a forum for discussion and asking questions and an extensive database of plants with photos. Registered members can create blogs and list what plants they have to share or want to acquire. You can also listen to regular podcasts from site owners and avid gardeners Dave and Trish. This site will get you through the winter and let you share your gardening passion with like minded folk. is published by the National Gardening Association.

Trees for Seattle

The City of Seattle encourages the planting of trees along public streets. This site is the umbrella for all of the City of Seattle’s urban forestry efforts. Trees must be planted to standards outlined on this website. Lists of recommended trees, graded by size, and prohibited trees are included.

Cal Poly UFEI SelecTree

A tree selection guide from Cal Poly Urban Forests Ecosystems Institute including trees native to CA and elsewhere. Allows search by characteristics and mentions general root growth tendencies for many trees that grow in the PNW. Although this service is based in California it provides considerable practical information for all regions about many tree species and their suitability in urban environments. A nursery connection map helps locate sources to buy specific trees.