Awareness and Guidance

This working group will increase awareness of and develop guidance for appropriate use of the SSP/RCP matrix architecture.

  1. Awareness raising of the SSPs in the wider research community.
  • Maintain and expand the ICONICS website.
  • Develop outreach materials of the scenarios in for the broader community (through fact sheets, brochures, cartoons, blogs, videos, animated films)
  • Outreach for the quantitative SSP data from IAMs in the IIASA database
  1. Authoritative guidance on the development and application of SSP-based scenarios.
  • Maintain an authoritative focal body with expertise on SSPs that users can refer to and which would be a natural global reference group on socioeconomic scenarios.
  • Development of guidance documents on the SSPs.
  • Maintaining an ICONICS email list to facilitate community-wide questions and discussions.