Welcome to the Integrated Fabrication Laboratory

(PI: Prof. Corie L. Cobb)

Our lab investigates new manufacturing paradigms that will revolutionize energy storage and other complex engineered systems.  Our multi-disciplinary approach integrates the fields of design theory, computation, manufacturing, and materials science.  Currently, we are focused on developing innovative fabrication solutions for the most pressing problems in energy-relevant materials for Lithium-ion batteries.  Our longer-term goal is to develop new additive-based fabrication processes that will enable the digital control of material architecture and can integrate energy storage and other operational features into electronics and structural components while supporting adaptive manufacturing on-demand.  Freeform digital fabrication creates a new 3D design space where material properties can be varied at each point in a structure, allowing for optimization of material properties to meet the demanding  requirements of complex engineered systems for clean energy, health, and aerospace applications.



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