Volume 56, Issue 1 | March 1995

Author Title
Shaun Kelley Jahshan Reader-Oriented Polyphony? Zhang Zhupo's Commentary on the Jin Ping Mei
Joel Reed Nationalism and Geoculture in Defoe's History of Writing
Jerome McGann Mary Robinson and the Myth of Sappho
Anita Levy Jane Eyre, the Woman Writer, and the History of Experience
Author Title
Matthew J Smith The Subject of Violence: The "Song of Roland" and the Birth of the State by Peter Haidu
Susan Staves Plots and Counterplots: Sexual Politics and the Body Politic in English Literature, 1660-1730 by Richard Braverman
Clifford Siskin Poetry as an Occupation and an Art in Britain, 1760 - 1830 by Peter Murphy
Andrea Frisch Seeing Together: Friendship between the Sexes in English Writing from Mill to Woolf by Victor Luftig

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