Volume 56, Issue 2 | June 1995

Author Title
Jonathan Baldo Exporting Oblivion in The Tempest
Jon Klancher Godwin and the Republican Romance: Genre, Politics, and Contingency in Cultural History
Tamar Katz "In the House and Garden of His Dream": Pater's Domestic Subject
Review essay
Author Title
Larzer Ziff The New Exceptionalism
Lloyd Pratt The Vagaries of Historical Reading
Leonard Tennenhouse American Literary History in the Age of Critical Theory and Multiculturalism
Author Title
Ambreen Hai Fiction et incarnation: Littérature et théologie au moyen âge by Alexandre Leupin
Andras Hamori The Zephyrs of Najd: The Poetics of Nostalgia in the Classical Arabic Nasib by Jaroslav Stetkevych
Sandra M. Gilbert Writing Women's Literary History by Margaret J. M. Ezell
Gail Stygall Manly Writing: Gender, Rhetoric, and the Rise of Composition by Miriam Brody
Joycelyn K. Moody Domestic Allegories of Political Desire: The Black Heroine's Text at the Turn of the Century by Claudia Tate

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