Volume 57, Issue 1 | March 1996

Author Title
Gerald L. Bruns Along the Fatal Narrative Turn (Toward an Anarchic Theory of Literary History)
Lisa Schnell "So Great a Diffrence Is There in Degree": Aemilia Lanyer and the Aims of Feminist Criticism
Karen A. Weisman Romantic Constructions and Epic Subversions in Geoffrey Hill's Mercian Hymns
William Jewett Hawthorne's Romanticism: From Canon to Corpus
Barbara L. Estrin Lowelling and Laureling: Revising Gender and Genre in Robert Lowell's Day by Day
Author Title
Cheryl H. Fresch Torah and Law in "Paradise Lost" by Jason P. Rosenblat
Sam Fallon Machiavellian Rhetoric: From the Counter-Reformation to Milton by Victoria Kahn
Tim Fulford The Circle of Our Vision: Dante's Presence in English Romantic Poetry by Ralph Pite and Colderidge's Philosophy: The Logos as Unifying Principle by Mary Anne Perkins
Sydney Janet Kaplan Letters from the Front, Vol. 3 of No Man's Land: The Place of the Woman Writer in the Twentieth Century by Sandra M. Gilbert and Susan Gubar

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