Volume 57, Issue 2 | June 1996

Special Issue: The Places of History: Regionalism Revisited in Latin America

Author Title
Doris Sommer The Places of History: Regionalism Revisited in Latin America
Author Title
Kang Liu The Real Thing (Our Rigoberta)
Josefina Ludmer The Corpus Delicti
Mary Louise Pratt Overwriting Pinochet: Undoing the Culture of Fear in Chile
Roberto Schwarz The Historical Meaning of Cruelty in Machado de Assis
Walter D. Mignolo Linguistic Maps, Literary Geographies, and Cultural Landscapes: Languages, Languaging, and (Trans)nationalism
José Antonio Mazzotti The Lightning Bolt Yields to the Rainbow: Indigenous History and Colonial Semiosis in the Royal Commentaries of El Inca Garcilaso de la Vega
Mary M. Gaylord The True History of Early Modern Writing in Spanish: Some American Reflections
Carlos J. Mani The Burden of Modernity
Arcadio Diáz-Quiñones Salvador Brau: The Paradox of the Autonomista Tradition
Susana Rotker Nation and Mockery: The Oppositional Writings of Simón Rodríguez
Francine Masiello Melodrama, Sex, and Nation in Latin America's Fin de Siglo
Nancy Vogeley Italian Opera in Early National Mexico
Debra A. Castillo Reading Loose Women Reading
Diana Taylor "Damnable Iteration": The Traps of Political Spectacle
Hassan Melehy José Joaquín Fernández de Lizardi and the Emergence of the Spanish American Novel as National Project
José E. Limón Mexicans, Foundational Fictions, and the United States: Caballero, a Late Border Romance
Julio Ramos The Repose of Heroes
Sylvia Molloy His America, Our America: José Martí Reads Whitman
Juan Flores Broken English Memories

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