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Luz Iñiguez

EOP Director

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Kristi Soriano-Noceda


Meet Kristi

Kristi started her educational career as a Test Proctor for the Stone Education Center at Joint Base Lewis McChord, Washington for Academic and Army Personnel Testing as an undergraduate student in 2004. After finishing her BA from Pacific Lutheran University, she became the civilian Test Control Officer in 2008. In 2011, she relocated to Camp Hovey, South Korea, and served the Installation Management Command Pacific Region as the Academic Advisor/Educational Specialist for Army Continuing Education for Area 1 (northern region of military bases). Upon arrival stateside in 2013, she began her graduate studies with UW Bothell in the M.Ed program. While in the program she worked as a student employee for the Division of Student life at the UW Seattle Campus. Fast forward, Kristi moved on to UW Tacoma and her entrepreneurial spirit emerged launching and designing the First Generation Fellows program currently First Generation Initiatives in 2016. She helped to create a campus culture infusing diversity, equity, and inclusion as the center of spaces. Her current research focuses on social class and mobility through education.

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Myles Cabanos

Teaching Assistant

Meet Myles

My name is Myles Cabanos and I am a senior majoring in Media & Communications from Mukilteo, WA. I consider myself a lifelong learner with an ongoing quest to give and promote positive change, in hopes of leading a better world. What truly inspires me and this quest is family and the sense of community I feel with others. Being part of a group of people that come together because they like something, believe in something, support something or want to create the positive change is the most beautiful feeling and sight I could ever experience. As a student the best part is being given the opportunity to feed my curiosity through discovery and innovation. Being surrounded by like-minded individuals capable of engaging, intelligent conversation and discussions is what I love about being a Husky.

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Chyanne Noble

Teaching Assistant

Meet Chyanne

My name is Chyanne Noble and I am a junior majoring in American Ethnic Studies! I have lived in numerous places growing up, but I grew up in Clovis, California. Being at UW I have grown tremendously and my favorite thing about being a student here is gaining perspective from everyone around me! Whether that be from professors or peers I am constantly interacting with people with all different stories. With that being said, the friends that I have met here are my biggest motivators and inspirations! They keep me grounded and constantly show me new ways of thinking! Being a husky is a great experience because of the connections I’ve made and the knowledge that I’ve gained!

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Hannah Flores

Teaching & Operations Assistant

Meet Hannah

My name is Hannah Flores and I’m so excited to be part of the EOP Scholars Academy team this year! I’m a third-year microbiology major from Kent, WA. I’m particularly interested in transmission genetics and infectious disease research, but always jump at the chance to take political science and LSJ classes whenever I can fit them in my schedule. I’m inspired by the incredible faculty I’ve had the opportunity to work with during my time here, particularly my OMAD advisor Peter Hata and labmates in the Division of Medical Genetics! I love being a Husky because there are so many opportunities for both personal and professional development at UW and around the Seattle area. A fun fact about me is that I’m part of a competitive a cappella group on campus!

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Tsedenya Hasenbalg

Marketing, Graphics, Social Media Assistant

Meet Tsedenya

Hello, I am Tsendenya Hasenbalg a senior here at the University of Washington with a communication major and double minor in American Sogn Language and Human Rights. I grew up in La Conner, a small town about an hour north of Seattle, where I moved to after arriving in the US from Ethiopia at the ripe young age of eight. The thing I love the most about being a Husky is the pride we have and the ever evolving progressive atmosphere. Now my favorite questions have always been why and how? I enjoy being a student because i love learning, so in many ways I will always be a student. Because no human being knows everything, those who claim to do so are fools and anyone who believes them is an even greater fool. My past, present, and future are the things that inspire me. My twin sister who puts everyone first but never asks for anything in return, not so much as a thank you. She will never judge but will always support the ones she loves. I am inspired by the current state of nations, people, and the large planet we call home. I was never a big fan of change, but never did I shy away from all the things change brought, because without change there can be no learning we cannot grow.

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Maria Falcon

Teaching Assistant, Website, and Social Media

Meet Maria

Hi, my name is Maria Falcon. I am a sophomore double majoring in psychology and American ethnic studies. I am from Marysville, WA, its small town north of Seattle, but recently I was finally able to move to Seattle and be closer to campus. My freshman year I struggled with commuting to school every day, so this is a very liberating experience as I will finally be near everyone and everything. Fun fact, I love a good hike. I am a sucker for a waterfall or an indescribable view.
Enough about surface level information… In the past year I have gone through many challenges and obstacles as a student that I believe if they did not happen, I would not have grown into the person I have become today. I believe everything happens for a reason and it’s up to you to take in control of the things that life will throw at you. This is something that I loved about being a student, you have so much control of your life once you enter college. Granted this is very different this year because of covid. But trust me when I say it, being able to be in control of your own decisions and having the ability to pave the way for your own life is very satisfying. There is so much opportunity at UW, that is one my favorite things about being a husky, there is so much room to grow into the person you want to be. There is so much opportunity in being able to do what you want and become whoever you want to be. Personal growth is something that inspires me so much because I don’t ever want to settle, I always want to continue to grow as a person. Realizing that you have grown is one of the most gratifying feelings because you know now that you are doing better than before. I can go on and on about life lessons and self-growth but I will save that for later hahaha.
But this is me! I am very excited to be a part of the EOP team and am very excited for what the future comes! (even with covid in the picture lol)

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