OMA&D Academic Counseling Services

Student Profiles

“My name is Adriana Perrusquia and I’m a Senior studying Business Administration with a focus in Marketing. I’m Yup’ik, an Alaska Native from Southwest Alaska. I’ve grown up in Alaska, Mexico, and Washington. CAMP was my biggest support system during my first year. They were able to provide information on resources that were crucial, both academically and personally, throughout the year. The staff and advisers were always willing to help with any questions I had in when I wasn’t doing as well as I’d like in a class. They also pointed me to important mental health resources on campus as the amount of stress can take a toll. I’m involved in First Nations, an American Indian/Alaska Native student group, as the current Chairwoman. I also presented at the Tribal Leadership Summit and spoke about issues of mental health to the tribal chairs around the state, as well as to UW President Ana Marie Cauce and OMA&D Vice President Ricky Hall. This prompted follow up conversations with UW Counseling Center and UW Health and Wellness in an effort to combat mental health issues facing the community. I’ve also been involved in Unidas Seremos and the Association of Latino Professionals for America.” –Adriana Perrusquia

“ I have been involved with CAMP since my sophomore year in high school. I came for a program called Dare To Dream, and I fell in love with the University of Washington. I was in awe of the staff, environment, and opportunities.  I come from a community with a low migrant/Latinx population. I was the only Latina student in my classes, only Latina involved in ASB and other activities. Coming to the University of Washington, I was expecting to find a new diverse community and that thought thrilled me. I was excited to meet other people like me. That is was drew me to CAMP. I was grateful for the culture the staff portrays as educational leaders. I was not used to being heard or thought of as important, but CAMP always makes me feel like I matter. CAMP became my ally in this new chapter of my life.  CAMP has given me the support and nourishment I needed to succeed my first year at UW. They gave me academic advice, personal advice, and tools to make my own decisions. Even now that I am no longer the targeted cohort, CAMP still gives me opportunities I would have never had. I want to thank all the CAMP staff, current, and past. Thank you for allowing me to grow and find a family at the University of Washington.”–Brisel Acuña 

“After my first year, CAMP really gave me a home away from home. I wouldn’t be where I currently am if it weren’t for this program. The CAMP family/staff are some of the most empathetic and caring people I have gotten to know here at UW. I really appreciate everything they’ve done for me.” –Israel Sixto

“CAMP by far was my favorite thing about my first year at UW. Not only did the CAMP staff guide me through academics and financial aid, but they provided me with support system I needed while away from home. I also loved the various cultural trips we got to go on. Most importantly though, I met some of my best friends through this program. Without CAMP my first year wouldn’t have been the same.” –Laura Barrera