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January 24, 2019

How To Report Improperly Parked Bike Shares at UW

As of October 1, 2018, the University of Washington has a contract with Lime to operate bike share on campus. Below are guidelines and options for reporting and/or removing any bikes  that are improperly parked on campus.

When is a bike improperly parked?

According to WAC 478-116-199 regarding bicycle parking, at no time shall a bicycle be parked:

  1. In a building, except where bicycle storage rooms are provided;
  2. Near a building exit;
  3. On a path or sidewalk unless attached to a university bike rack;
  4. In planted areas; or
  5. Chained or otherwise secured to trees, lamp standards, railings, garbage receptacles, fencing, or sign posts.

Essentially, ​a bike share is improperly parked when it is not at or near a bike rack​.

When is a bike causing an ​egregious operational impact​?

An “egregious operational impact” is defined as the effect caused by bikes both in violation of  WAC 478-116-199 AND that are causing immediate mobility and access issues. Examples  include but are not limited to:

  1. Bikes parked on sidewalks, trails, and/or access ramps;
  2. Bikes parked in front of parking lot or parking garage entrances and exits; and
  3. Bikes parked on pedestrian overpasses.

How can I report/impound a bike causing an egregious  operational impact?

Bikes that are causing an immediate egregious operational impact can be addressed by  following the steps below:

  1. Report the bike by emailing ​bshare@uw.edu​ ​and following the instructions above. Flag  it as causing an immediate egregious operational impact, and make sure to get the serial  number.
  2. In order to relocate the bike so it is not impeding movement or ingress/egress​, do one  of the following:
    1. Call UWPD to move or impound the bike.​ Impounded bike share bikes are stored in a corral in the northeast tip of the E1 lot. Instruct UWPD to take bikes there,  and alert the Active Transportation Specialist by e-mailing ​bshare@uw.edu​.
    2. If you are willing and able to do so safely, you may move the bike out of the way  yourself ​so that the bike will be properly parked. For example, if there is a bike  blocking the sidewalk on NE Campus Parkway, you may move it into the SDOT  right of way between the sidewalk and the curb. As the back wheel is locked, hold  the back of the seat (pedal bikes) or the battery (e-bikes), lift up, and push the  bike forward using the handlebars. The bikes are heavy, so please use proper  lifting techniques, and only move them if you feel able.
    3. Impound the bike yourself by taking it to the corral in E1.​ Alert the Active  Transportation Specialist.

Questions? Contact Active Transportation Specialist Elizabeth Bastian – ​ebastian@uw.edu​.