Harborview Abuse & Trauma Center

CETA Learning Collaborative Training & Consultation

What is CETA?

CETA is a cognitive behavioral approach shown to help posttraumatic stress, anxiety, and depression in adults affected by traumatic experiences.

The common elements in CETA are Relaxation; Cognitive Coping; Exposure-Trauma Memories; Exposure-Live; Cognitive Restructuring; Behavioral activation; Problem Solving.

Training Components

  • Part I: Three day online remote training
  • Part II: Follow-up Telephone Clinical Consultation.
    Twice monthly 1 hour group consultation calls for 6 months.

The training consultation will be delivered by the Harborview/ UW team in collaboration with WA CETA Trainer Consultants.

Organizational Requirements

  1. Licensed community mental health center in Washington State committed to supporting implementation of CETA for eligible clients are eligible to participate.
  2. An organizational CETA trained supervisor must agree to provide ongoing CETA supervision to their participating staff.
  3. Organizations that have not previously attended a CETA Learning Collaborative must have a senior clinical administration contact Whitney Hellyer, Clinical Supervisor, (cinder@uw.edu) prior to acceptance into the training.

Participant Requirements

  1. Attendance at the 3-day online Zoom training.
  2. Deliver CETA and participate in monthly one hour telephone consultation calls over six months.
    a. Attend 8 of the 10 telephone consultation calls
    b. Present 1 – 2 case presentations
    c. Document delivery of two CETA cases using the identified CETA flow.

    • One case must include trauma in the flow.
    • Supervisors only need to complete one case; a trauma flow is strongly preferred for the one case.
  3. Document cases in the online EBP Toolkit. Toolkit will enable trainees and consultants to monitor case progress and enhance the consultation process. In Toolkit, trainees will enter a minimum of 6 sessions per case, initial and repeat standardized measures and document delivery of sessions following a specific CETA flow.

Registration Notes

Only clinical administration or CETA supervisors may register participants. A supervisor who will be providing ongoing CETA supervision to the training participants must be named in the registration and must attend the CETA training unless they have already completed CETA training & consult requirements.

Cost: $300 per trainee

For more info on the training, contact Yocelin Flores @ ycano2@uw.edu or 206-586-1772.