Care Transformation


Listen to colleagues and leaders on “The Transformer: the UW Medicine Care Transformation Podcast” discuss trends in the shifting healthcare landscape and the care transformation work that is driving changes in value-based care delivery.

Episode 11: Transitioning to Gender Awareness 

In this episode, we explore UW Medicine’s Transgender & Gender Non-Binary Program (TGNB), which is working toward our vision to provide patient-centered and gender-affirming care to current and future TGNB patients in both the primary and specialty care setting. We are also helping our workforce become more gender aware and medically informed about how to…

Episode 10: What’s Value-Based Care, Anyway? 

UW Medicine Associate Vice President for Clinical Operations Cynthia Dold and Dr. D.C. Dugdale, medical director for value-based care, reflect on our journey toward improving quality of care and patient outcomes at a lower cost. [Transcript: Episode 10]

Episode 9: Palliative Care: Navigating Serious Illness 

UW Medicine palliative care clinicians discuss how important collaborative and empathetic care — in both the primary and specialty care settings — is in helping our patients and their families find understanding and empowerment in dealing with serious illness and end-of-life situations. [Transcript: Episode 9]

Episode 8: The Toxic Stew of Microaggressions 

In another segment looking at UW Medicine’s strategic priority around healthcare equity, we’ll explore how implicit bias and microaggressions factor into disparities in care and our own work environment. [Transcript: Episode 8]

Episode 7: Telehealth: Moving Knowledge, not People 

Hear from clinicians and leaders how UW Medicine’s telehealth services use emerging technologies to improve patient health outcomes and advance provider education. [Transcript: Episode 7]

Episode 6: Healthcare Equity: A Blueprint for Change 

UW Medicine directors Paula Houston and Pat Dawson, MD discuss institutional racism in the healthcare system and our own healthcare equity blueprint, mapping out the changes toward becoming a national model for healthcare equity and reducing disparities in healthcare delivery. 

Episode 5: Everyday People 

What’s the difference between treating the sick patient in front of us vs. whole populations of patients? UW Neighborhood Clinics Executive Director Debra Gussin, Drs. Vicky Fang and Leah Marcotte, and Van Chaudhari, Population Health Management Administrator, discuss this broadened focus on serving populations as well as individual patients to prevent disease, promote health and reduce the burden of chronic illnesses.

Episode 4: Where the Rubber Meets the Road 

Key leaders of UW Medicine’s Project FIT (Financial Improvement Transformation) team — Chief Supply Chain Officer Erik Walerius, Larry Dean, MD and Steve Fijalka, PharmD — have a frank discussion about the financial challenges and opportunities that lie ahead and what we can all do to make a difference.

Episode 3: Cookbook Medicine: A Recipe for Success? 

Are standardized pathways just “cookbook medicine?” UW Medicine Chief Medical Officer Carlos Pellegrini and Drs. Heidi Gray and Venu Pillarisetty take a deep dive into building roadmaps and repeatable models for common clinical procedures that are key to care transformation and implementing the “UW Medicine Way.”

Episode 2: Put Me in Doc, The Patient as Team Player 

UW Medicine Chief Health System Officer Lisa Brandenburg and Drs. Carol Salerno and Danielle Lavallee discuss shared decision-making and partnering with patients to help deliver world-class, patient-centered care and improve communications, patient satisfaction and health outcomes.

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