Care Transformation


The following videos feature clinicians exploring various aspects of care transformation.

Stop #5: Post-Acute Care

The fifth stop on “The Road to Care Transformation” focuses on our post-acute care strategy to improve care transitions from the inpatient setting and help reduce readmissions, unnecessary emergency department visits and length-of-stay, in order to return patients to home sooner.

Stop #4: Standardization

On our fourth stop on “The Road to Care Transformation,” we look at how clinical standardization and pathways help us practice evidence-based medicine, improve quality, decrease variability, increase consistency and reduce costs across the system.

Stop #3: Population Health Management

On our third stop on “The Road to Care Transformation,” we look at serving populations as well as individual patients to help prevent disease, promote health and reduce the burden of chronic illnesses.

Stop #2: Healthcare Equity

On our second stop on “The Road to Care Transformation,” Drs. Paula Houston and Pat Dawson discuss our vision to become a national model for healthcare equity and reduce disparities in healthcare delivery, such as diabetes retinopathy.

Stop #1: Telehealth

On our first stop on “The Road to Care Transformation,” Drs. John Scott and Tam Pham explain how our emerging telehealth technology is helping to improve patient health outcomes and advance provider education.

“The Road to Care Transformation”

Lisa Brandenburg, UW Medicine Chief Health System Officer, and Dr. Carlos Pellegrini, UW Medicine Chief Medical Officer, host the opening segment of a continuing series — offering an animated and colorful look at UW Medicine’s “Road to Care Transformation.”