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UW Medicine Empanelment Dashboard


As UW Medicine shifts from ‘sickness’ to ‘wellness’ care, the purpose of empanelment is to assign Primary Care Providers and Primary Care teams accountability for a key number of UW Medicine lives.  It is therefore important for patients to select and be assigned to a Primary Care Provider (PCP) and Primary Care clinic. Establishing care with a single, UW Medicine PCP ensures every patients’ health care needs are actively monitored in a way that considers patterns of care, and most importantly, the patients’ experiences. Empanelment is a building block to population health management and the key to care continuity through health maintenance – i.e. preventive health screenings, immunizations and controlled statuses on disease management measures.

The UW Medicine Empanelment Dashboard is a visual, informational tool to provide a view of UW Medicine’s current state on empanelment by showing the ratio of Primary Care lives assigned to PCP panels to lives that remain un-empaneled (not yet claimed on a PCP panel but actively established at a Primary Care location).

The dashboard is designed to encourage key panel maintenance actions by visually illustrating the:

  1. Proportion of Primary Care lives who are empaneled and seeing their PCP in the office at least once in the last 3 years.
  2. Proportion of Primary Care lives who are not yet claimed on a panel or un-empaneled, yet actively using Primary Care (have had 2 or more visits in the last 2 years) and therefore should have a PCP assigned.

Primary Care Empanelment Dashboard

UWM Population Management Empanelment Dashboard_September 2020



Page updated: September 2020