Immunology Core


The Immunology Core provides advanced tools and training for evaluating humoral and cellular responses to HIV infection.

The assays, reagents, technology, and education offered by the Core support CFAR research involved with the prevention, detection, and treatment of HIV infection and AIDS. Most Core services are used by investigators to help quantify immune responses in plasma, serum, secretions, or cells from HIV-infected patients or lentivirus-infected nonhuman primates. The types and levels of support available from Core faculty are flexible—from quick telephone or email troubleshooting consultations to intensive group trainings on specific technologies; from simple cytometry experiments using one to three colors to cutting-edge experiments using up to 18 colors; and from rapid immune analysis of a few samples for a pilot assessment or hypothesis generation to longer-term collaborations involving joint study design and execution. Services are accessible through our three subcores:

Flow Cytometry Subcore: Experiment Design, Consultations, Laboratory Support

Humoral Immunity Subcore: Antibody and antigen testing; recombinant protein and antibody production; viral and cell line culture; neutralization assays.

Specialized Cellular Immunity Subcore: Flow cytometry (cell sorting, Te cell response, T/B cell phenotyping, special studies); specialized assays of cell function/activity, proliferation, or phenotyping (NK, Treg, DC); cytokine bead array; viral suppression assays.

Non-Human Primate Immunology Subcore: Advice in study design and testing of vaccines and therapies in SIV and SHIV monkey models for AIDS and analysis of humoral, cellular, and innate immune responses in the blood and mucosal compartments of nonhuman primates.

HIV Co-Morbidities Subcore: Consultations.


Stephen De Rosa, MD
Core Director; Flow Cytometry Subcore Director
Email: sderosa at
Telephone: 206-667-1681

Ana Gervassi, PhD
Specialized Immunity Subcore Director
Email: ana.gervassi at
Telephone: 206-256-7198

Noah Sather, PhD
Humoral Immunity Subcore Director
Email: noah.sather at

Deborah Fuller, PhD
Non-Human Primate Immunology Subcore Director
Email: fullerdh at

Thomas Hawn, MD, PhD
HIV Co-Morbidities Subcore Director
Email: thawn at