Executive Committee

The Executive Committee (EC) drives strategic planning for CFAR. The EC is led by the CFAR Leadership Team, Scientific Working Group Directors, and Core Directors. The EC’s activities include implementing key recommendations of the Advisory Committees, acting on new funding opportunities and potential collaborations, responding to the needs of CFAR investigators, reviewing results of surveys of CFAR members, etc. The Executive Committee meets quarterly to synthesize feedback and provide direction for the CFAR.

See UW/Fred Hutch CFAR Executive Committee member biographies:


Faculty (in addition to Leadership) with active engagements:

Barnabas, Ruanne


Heffron, Renee

Lund, Jennifer

Sherr, Kenneth

Brown, Elizabeth

Herbeck, Joshua


McClelland, Scott


Simoni, Jane


Casper, Corey

Hladik, Florian


McElrath, Julie



Stekler, Joanne


Crane, Heidi

Holmes, King


Mello, Susan


Stone, Daniel


De Rosa, Stephen


Holte, Sarah


Menon, Manoj

Wallace, Stephaun

Fuller, Deborah

Jerome, Keith


Mullins, James



Zunt, Joseph

Frenkel, Lisa

John-Stewart, Grace


Phipps, Warren





Golden, Matthew

Katz, David


Rao, Deepa



Graham, Susan

Kim, Nina


Richardson, Barbra




Guthrie, Brandon


Kitahata, Mari


Sather, Noah