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  1. Shape Memory Alloys [SMA's]
    Shape memory effect and superelastic behavior of TiNi shape memory alloy processed by vacuum plasma spray method
    [We are currently designing several types of SMA and FSMA based actuators]

  2. Piezoelectric Composite Actuators FGM [Functionally Graded Microstructure]

  3. Electronic Composites and Thermal Interface Materials

  4. Electroactive Polymers [EAP] and EAP based actuators

  5. Sensors and Micro-Electronic Mechanical Systems [MEMS]

  6. SPR Biosensor - Power Point file

  7. EAP actuator

  8. Digital Window - Power Point file

  9. High Energy Absorption Materials - Adobe PDF file

  10. Bio-Inspired Design of Active and Sensing Materials - Adobe PDF file

  11. Smart Window Technology

  12. MURI Project: Energy Harvesting and Storage Systems (EHSS)

  13. Magnetic field-induced reversible variant rearrangement in Fe–Pd single crystals

  14. Reversible strain induced by martensite variant rearrangement under magnetic field and mechanical loading of Fe–Pd single crystals

  15. Bioinspired Morphing structures

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